Global Tax Outlook

The Global Tax Outlook is BDO’s international research programme on Tax. It highlights the most common issues business leaders are grappling with in Tax, today and in the future.

Spanning more than fifty countries from across all regions of the globe (EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific), the Global Tax Outlook provides a window on tax, reaching tax and business leaders from across a spectrum of businesses, from the newly emerging to some of the very largest.

Working together with the research organisation Meridian West and with the inputs of BDO subject matter experts from across the globe, our research shares these themes and points to where findings vary, whether this be by region, or the size and type of business:

  • The most significant tax issues facing the organisation and the priorities that are being set 
  • How changes in tax legislation and the behaviour of the tax authorities impact business
  • Tax strategy, policy and risk – the focus on tax at board level and the evolution of the tax function
  • The use of technology in tax
  • Total tax liability – and its value in directing decision making


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Read our last edition of Global Tax Outlook, which was conducted in February 2020. The results reflected the uncertainty in the markets as the first COVID-19 lockdowns began. Our 2023 research will seek to understand, measure and benchmark sentiment from global tax leaders, reflecting the end of the global pandemic and as optimism and planning for the future increase.

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