Addressing a complex tax landscape globally and in local markets


Domestic and international tax legislation is constantly evolving. Tax laws and regulations are complex, and tax authorities around the world are becoming more vigilant.  The COVID-19 pandemic meant that a broad spectrum of the business world found itself in need of financial help.  As governments, businesses and individuals look to the future with aims to recover and grow, it Is clear that  Tax has played and will continue to play a vital role in both boardroom and governmental strategising and planning as we look ahead.

Our insights

Regardless of whether your needs are limited to a single country – or you face tax issues in multiple countries – with BDO you have direct access to experienced tax specialists with a deep understanding of national tax law and international tax. Our tax professionals draw on their experience and industry-specific knowledge to deliver the insights and innovation you need to maintain compliance and drive value – wherever you do business.

Our global organisation is built on strong personal relationships. At BDO we ensure that you have access to senior-level professionals, without layers of bureaucracy.  We have an organisation structure that keeps us agile and means that we can respond quickly.  we take a hands-on approach, working with you from providing advice through to implementation. Our tax professionals work closely together, so we bring knowledge from across BDO to all our engagements - whether you’re a multinational, a privately held business, or a private individual.

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