Global Value Chain - Tax advisory services

Global Value Chain - Tax advisory services

Global tax is constantly changing.  Is your organisation prepared for this challenge?

Aligning an organisation’s operational and tax models can be complex but is imperative to ensure the most optimised, efficient, and holistic solution.  GVC is the process of efficiently integrating these objectives in your business.


Why is it important for tax to have a seat at the table when discussing business changes?


Providing and executing on a holistic approach requires coordination from many different areas within an organisation and across multiple business lines. That’s why it’s imperative to follow a methodical process that allows you to understand the potential business models, tax savings, and operational lift to achieve your desired outcome. Throughout this process, we help clients identify their ‘areas of focus’, build detailed step plans and work plans to design an aligned future state structure, and implement the overall plan. 





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Barb Derus

Global Value Chain - Tax Practice Lead, BDO USA
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