• Managed Cybersecurity Services

Managed Cybersecurity Services

All enterprises have assets, and today many of these are digital. Security is a matter of protecting these assets. Traditional security mechanisms, such as antivirus software and firewalls, are of limited effect against the threat actors operating in cyberspace today. To protect your digital systems and assets against these smart attackers, you need a smart defence.

By procuring managed services our clients are able to focus their attention and resources on the critical aspects of their internal organisation and processes that require the most attention. They also allow clients to benefit from a level of resilience and defence that they would struggle to achieve alone.

BDO provides a range of on-demand services to support your 24/7 resilience that enable you to expand capacity when it is most required, and enlist specialist capabilities that you cannot justify employing.

BDO’s global cyber security leadership group offers several proprietary models for supporting organisations in determining and developing their resilience posture. From establishing compliance and building a proactive approach to effective security risk management, we work with our clients to quickly attain higher levels of maturity and resilience.

BDO has been steadily developing our cybersecurity value proposition in recent years. Our established cybersecurity advisory departments across the world mean that BDO clients can be rapidly connected with skilled security operators based at centrally located, dedicated monitoring and security operations centres.