Working from anywhere

The Private Individual

Working from anywhere: Issues for the Private Individual

Is working from anywhere the future of work? In this short series we help employers and employees navigate this question by looking at the tax and non-tax implications of allowing greater flexibility and remote working across international or inter-state borders, for the employer and the private individual as well as employee.

Elsewhere in this programme, we cover what an employee should consider before deciding to ‘work from anywhere’ in the world or in a different state from their normal state of employment. This included tax residency, social security, potential concessions and filing obligations. However, employees as private individuals may have more complex personal tax affairs, especially in the lead up to retirement.

Kylie Luo, Executive Director, Private Client Services for BDO in Singapore, takes us through some of these issues a Private Individual needs to consider, in this short video commentary.


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Executive Director, Private Client Services, Singapore

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