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Working from anywhere: Issues for the Employer – Corporate Tax

The Future of Work and the question of being able to work from anywhere is among the latest trends in business today. In this short programme, we look at the tax and non-tax implications for employers and employees of allowing greater flexibility in terms of remote working across international or inter-state borders.

In this programme we cover the implications for employers when permitting their employees to ‘work from anywhere’ from an employment tax and non-tax perspective but Corporation Tax must also be considered. An employer needs to be alert to the potential impact of having an employee performing duties outside of their home location in terms of potential tax compliance obligations and associated tax costs.

So how can the corporate body be impacted for corporate tax purposes by an employee working remotely? Kevin Doyle, Tax Partner and International Tax Coordinator for BDO in Ireland, takes us through some of the Corporate Tax issues for the Employer, in this short video commentary


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In our work with clients a decision to ‘work from anywhere’ can have wide-ranging implications for an employer. There can be advantages in terms of employee retention and productivity, plus the access to a wider talent pool and new markets. However, there are risk issues to be considered, both tax and non-tax and this is resulting in many employers creating remote working policies to help assess the risks and to then respond consistently to employee requests to work from an alternative jurisdiction.

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