Activating your sustainability journey

Activating your sustainability journey

A global movement is emerging driven by capital markets, governments, investors and communities. These and other stakeholders are demanding that businesses take responsibility for sustainable development and are calling for a level of transparency and accountability that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of generations to come.

Up until the recent past, businesses have not fully accounted for the true cost of doing business – but organisations that integrate sustainability into their business now can unlock value and create positive change. And they will realise benefits, as consumers and stakeholders reward those who demonstrate a social licence to operate.


Integrating sustainability into your business

In an ever-evolving sustainability landscape, BDO has been providing businesses with value-driven sustainability services for several years. To further assist our clients in starting their sustainability journey, BDO has developed a range of sustainability tools and resources that both raise awareness of how ESG concerns impact organisations and provide guidance and insights on the path to achieving – and transforming for – a sustainable future. BDO’s practical methodology is focused on value creation and material risk management, supporting our clients towards a strategic path of reporting, communication, dialogue and positioning among their stakeholders.

BDO’s Sustainability Readiness Tool (SRT) has been designed to help chart an organisation’s business against global ESG goals. It provides guidance and a maturity assessment based on responses. Ideally, the survey will be taken periodically the track an organisation’s progress on their sustainability transformation journey.

The SRT uses the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) framework as the roadmap for business transformation.

Complete our questionnaire and receive a customised assessment of your organisation’s sustainability readiness, an actionable framework and best practice to support you on your sustainability journey.

BDO guides clients along their sustainability journey with a practical approach focused on value creation and material risk management. Our Guide to activating your sustainability journey sets out the fundamental market drivers and necessary steps an organisation needs to follow to activate their sustainability journey. 

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