• BDO QuickTrip

Helping you manage tax and immigration for international business travellers

The world we live in is changing faster than ever before. Developments in technology and regulation, the increasing pace of globalisation and changes to long established business practices means that many business boundaries are changing or disappearing altogether. As such, the management of a globally mobile workforce has never been so important for employers.

Introducing – BDO QuickTrip, the business traveller tool

BDO QuickTrip offers a dedicated, intuitive and secure HR portal allowing the employer quick access to all traveller information in real-time. The business traveller is provided with an easy to use smartphone app which enables them to enter their business trips manually, or using the GPS functionality within their phone.

Key Features of BDO QuickTrip:

  • Smartphone app and online tool for the management of business travellers
  • Tracks business traveller movement via manual entry or GPS
  • Produces real-time management reports
  • Alerts users of unintended tax liabilities
  • Ideal for HR and Global Mobility Managers
  • BDO experts in 162 countries and territories on hand to offer support

For more information, please see the BDO QuickTrip brochure.