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Issue 55 - June 2020

Issue 55 - June 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has hit economies throughout the world hard, and the outbreak will have a direct and lasting impact on organisations of all sizes.

Most nations have responded with emergency measures to help businesses, employers, employees and households. The measures range from economic stimuli including quantitative easing and interest rate reductions, and financial assistance including grants and loans, to fiscal measures including deferral of tax payment and filing deadlines, tax rate reductions, and tax incentive enhancements.

Many governments have borrowed huge amounts to provide this support, and both corporate and individual taxpayers may face higher taxes in future in order to meet the debt burden.

To keep up to date with COVID-19 support measures worldwide, please bookmark and regularly visit our COVID-19 fiscal and financial measures interactive global tool, in which you can find information by clicking on global locations or alphabetical lists of countries.

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Robert Aziz, Global Head of Tax and Global Head of People

Robert Aziz 

Global Head of Tax and Global Head of People