• Ashley Carter
Ashley Carter, Head of Global Payroll Services

Ashley Carter

Head of Global Payroll Services

+44 (0)118 952 7315


Ashley is one of the six Partners/Principals leading BDO Global Outsourcing. His primary role is ensuring his payroll, accounting and compliance clients receive a consistently exceptional service no matter where they choose to tap into BDO’s expertise. He was appointed to Head of BDO Global Payroll Services in October 2018 taking strategic leadership for the people, platforms and process that have enabled global payroll to grow into a $50m+ revenue business delivering consistently exceptional services in 160+ countries. Our clients benefit from a single UK contract, single coordination team and a single, highly sophisticated and secure, platform which we call ‘evolve powered by BDO: the world’s first payroll ecosystem.’ He also leads iXBRL and other XBRL related services across BDO UK. Ashley has an MBA from Henley Management College and is a Chartered Engineer with a BSC in Engineering. To find out more please email