• BDO announces launch of Global Value Chain Solutions

BDO announces launch of Global Value Chain Solutions

26 October 2021


-- This integrated set of services helps users unlock efficiencies and maximise value across global supply chains --


BRUSSELS, OCTOBER 20, 2021 – BDO, one of the world’s leading global networks of independent public accounting firms, today announced the launch of Global Value Chain Solutions, a new, integrated suite of services that address every element of global supply chain strategy. With ongoing instability in markets across the globe exposing weaknesses and gaps in supply chains, BDO’s new solutions help customers address those problems and unlock new value.


The set of services helps organisations evaluate and improve every aspect of the supply chain for maximum value, including:

  • Network optimisation
  • Sourcing and supplier management
  • Financial optimisation
  • Digital strategy and enablement
  • Total tax liability
  • Site relocation and government incentives negotiation
  • Strategic workforce analysis
  • Risk management


Using an integrated and customisable approach, BDO helps clients strategically position their businesses for future growth by identifying opportunities to optimise and future proof their global supply chain. Whether looking for a quick win or a full-scale transformation, BDO’s Global Value Chain Solutions helps businesses drive increased profits, efficiencies, and reliability, while also improving customer service, reducing operational and financial risks, and helping leaders comply with ongoing regulatory changes.

BDO’s Global Value Chain Practice Lead, Eskander Yavar, comments: “Organisations across the globe are facing major changes to their supply chains. Between an increasingly complex trade and regulatory landscape and the emergence of new digital technologies that are reshaping customer-supplier relationships, improving supply chain performance is not just a need, but also a wide-open opportunity.”

“Our goal is to help customers successfully navigate this new era of supply chain management. In this era, the importance of transparency, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making can’t be overstated when looking to build a more resilient supply chain,” he continues. “With the launch of our Global Value Chain Solutions, BDO can help customers unlock optimisation opportunities and maximise value across the supply chain, from end to end.”


This solution is supported by BDO’s global footprint, which serves multinational clients through a global network of more than 90,000 people working out of 1,658 offices across 167 countries.


To learn more, visit our Global Value Chain Solutions hub.


5 Megatrends That Will Reshape Global Supply Chains in the Next Decade


In tandem with the launch of the Global Value Chain Solutions, BDO released a whitepaper exploring five megatrends that will transform global supply chains over the next decade—and what businesses need to know about them:


1. Accelerating connectivity, innovation & uncertainty: With the world becoming increasingly connected, no business will be isolated from global events. This will create new opportunities to unlock value, but also increase the risk for supply chain disruption.


2. Shifting regulatory environment: Over the next decade, the global regulatory environment will grow more complex as countries implement new policies to achieve a variety of goals. Keeping a finger on the pulse of these ongoing developments will be key to keeping the global supply chain compliant.


3. Increasing supply chain transparency & due diligence: The ability to track where all goods are in the supply chain – and where they came from — will be crucial in an era where disruption is common and often unpredictable. Proactive transparency and data sharing will be key tactics in a successful global supply chain strategy.


4. Evolving customer expectations: Customer expectations are changing rapidly, which presents risks to those companies unwilling to change and opportunities to those willing to evolve their business models — and supply chains — in line with those expectations. Building authentic relationships will be key to customer loyalty.  


5. Rising importance of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) issues: Environmental, social and governance issues will continue to become increasingly important for businesses due to pressure from many stakeholders. Demonstrating commitment to those issues will be key to long-term success.


To read the full insight and learn more about emerging trends in global supply chains, check out 5 Megatrends That Will Reshape Global Supply Chains in the Next Decade.