• BDO Israel-UAE Desk

BDO Israel-UAE Desk

21 October 2020


On 13 August 2020, the relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates were normalized in what is known as the Abraham Accords. This opens up new vibrant markets for our business community in terms of trade, investment and access to funds.

Our BDO firms in the UAE and Israel are proud to announce their joint UAE-Israel Desk, a seamless platform for their combined business communities to exploit new growth opportunities. The Desk provides key insights on where to focus in these new markets and initiates cross-border business connections.

The UAE represents a gateway to many markets in the East and across Africa as a key logistical hub in the region, which can in turn be leveraged by Israel’s deeply diversified economy and highly sophisticated sectors including technology. At the same time, the Israeli market is now open to Emirati business sectors including real estate, hospitality, healthcare and logistics. This also creates opportunities for businesses across the world in foreign direct investment, especially in acquisitions but also in establishing or expanding operations.

Danny Margalit, Chairman & CEO, BDO in Israel: "The two firms have a long-lasting great personal relationship. Now we have the opportunity to find a way to work together and use this great relationship between us as a platform to new businesses".

Gerard Rahman, CEO, BDO in the UAE: "I'm so glad that we in BDO put together Israeli-Emirati Desk with our like-minded and experienced people. We know where the business opportunities are in both these countries and using our practical knowledge we know how to get business done".

Discover the joint Desk here: