• BDO admits new law firm in the Slovak Republic and opens BDO Legal

BDO admits new law firm in the Slovak Republic and opens BDO Legal

01 July 2020

BDO admits new law firm in the Slovak Republic and opens BDO Legal


Bratislava, 1 July 2020 – BDO Slovak Republic is pleased to announce that as of 1 July 2020 it will be launching its very own legal practice in Slovakia. The result of a merger with NEXUS, a leading and dynamic Slovak law firm with a high level of expertise, currently consisting of 17 qualified lawyers and 3 members of staff.


Pavel Poliak, the incoming lead partner of BDO Legal in the Slovak Republic,  together with 3 other partners, will be leading the newly established BDO Legal practice in the Slovak Republic and will operate out of 2 offices, one in Bratislava and another one in Zilina. With a combined annual revenue of over 1,5 million euro from legal services, BDO will instantly become one of the key players on the Slovak legal market.


Peter Gunda, the firm’s current Managing Partner, says: “Launching BDO Legal is a notable and well-considered move towards strengthening our position on the market. We are creating what we call a "fifth" leg of our business, which we are confident will bring about significant added value and comfort to our clients".


Pavel Poliak, adds:, “Joining BDO is an exciting opportunity for all of us, but also for our clients. Our clients now have access to a firm with global reach and to numerous other professional services and experts.  What we offer is a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, having in-depth knowledge of the local market."


Peter adds: “Globally, BDO is represented in over 1,600 offices and in more than 160 countries.  Our worldwide experience allows us to support those Slovak companies that are increasingly interested in going international. By the same token, we can support larger global corporations with our local market expertise and in-depth experience.”


TROND-MORTEN LINDBERG, representing BDO International in his role as CEO for EMEA, adds: We were all very excited about this new strategic partnership between our Slovak member firm and NEXUS attorneys-at-law office. I appreciate the way our Slovak partners constantly rethink how they can best support our clients.  Even in the challenging times we face today, when so many elements are still unknown, they keep investing in our clients’ needs, aiming to provide them the best possible service. It’s also great news for our international clients operating in Slovakia as they get instant access to a well-established and skilled team of nearly 20 lawyers. I would like to wish the entire team a lot of success in their new partnership.