Cybersecurity in the digital age: tools, techniques and best practices

13 December 2018

With the prevalence of cyber-attacks across industries and geographies, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed as various threat actors can threaten an organization’s cybersecurity including state-cyber warfare groups, cybercriminals, and hackers. 

Cybersecurity in the Digital Agea new book by BDO’s Gregory A. Garrett (U.S. and International Cybersecurity Advisory Services Leader), is structured to help everyone— from the novice to the experienced professional—understand and apply both the strategic concepts as well as the tools, tactics, and techniques of cybersecurity.

This book brings together the insights of 14 seasoned BDO cybersecurity professionals across five countries, and covers a number of critically important areas including: 

 Cybersecurity for the C-suite and Board of Directors

 Cybersecurity risk management framework comparisons

 Cybersecurity identity and access management – tools & techniques

 Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing – tools & best practices

 Monitoring, detection, and response (MDR) – tools & best practices

 ISO 27001 certification – lessons learned and best practices

 Imperatives for building cyber resilience

 Industry-specific observations: financial services, healthcare, public sector, and government 

The collective authors of Cybersecurity in the Digital Age have held positions such as Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Technology Risk Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Data Privacy Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Operating Officer—and more! Together, they deliver proven practical guidance you can immediately implement at the highest levels.

Copies of Cybersecurity in the Digital Age can be ordered from Wolters Kluwer, and from Amazon.


About Gregory Garrett



Gregory A. Garrett, Head of U.S. & International Cybersecurity for BDO. Gregg is Head of BDO's Global Cybersecurity Leadership Team, and advises BDO’s Global Information Technology (IT) Leadership Committee on cybersecurity best practices.

Gregg is a Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author of 23 books and over 125 published articles. Gregg’s books have collectively sold over 3 million copies worldwide. In fact, more than 50 colleges and universities in over 20 countries use one or more of Gregg’s business books as required reading.

To create Cybersecurity in the Digital Age, Gregg served as the principal author and editor, and invited 13 other BDO Cybersecurity All-Stars from five countries (USA, Israel, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and South Africa) to contribute their amazing expertise, vast experience, and practical advice to enhance cybersecurity practices for government agencies and corporations of all sizes and in all industries.