BDO in Hong Kong announces winners of the BDO ESG Awards 2019

26 February 2019


BDO in Hong Kong has announced and honoured the winners of the second BDO ESG Awards. Launched in 2018, the Awards recognise Hong Kong listed companies which have implemented outstanding sustainability initiatives with remarkable results and achieved high standards in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

ESG reporting makes a company’s sense of responsibility transparent to, and unlocks significant value for stakeholders. BDO helps companies increase awareness of their responsible business practices, strengthening brand reputation and helping to attract investor capital and funds.

Global CEO Keith Farlinger comments: “The 2018 BDO ESG Awards, organised by our firms in China and Hong Kong, showcase truly outstanding sustainability initiatives. It’s inspiring to see how listed companies are embracing ESG reporting. As a global organisation that truly cares about our clients, our people and our environment, BDO is committed to helping our clients create value for sustainable long-term growth.”

Henning Dräger, BDO Global’s ESG lead said, “Congratulations to BDO in Hong Kong and China -  and to all the participating companies - for once again setting a bright ESG brushfire to light the way for other companies to follow, in Hong Kong and beyond. The success of the ESG Awards provides additional inspiration for our global organisation to develop innovative and market-relevant ESG client solutions and I am looking forward to deepening our footprint in this space.”

William Yu, Chairman of the Judging Panel of the Best in ESG Awards, said, “We are so excited to see the sustainability impact demonstrated through the ESG best practices brought by the participating companies. Companies are becoming more aware of the roles of ESG integration, addressing the emerging global sustainability challenges, ranging from climate risks, flooding, data security to regulatory pressures. My appreciation went to the awarded companies, which have successfully brought positive social and environmental benefits alongside a financial return. My sincere wish is that BDO continues its leadership and support to companies’ ESG journey in Hong Kong and worldwide and attracts more companies to join the sustainability bandwagon.”

Professor Carlos Lo, Chairman of the Judging Panel of the Best in Reporting Awards, said, “ESG Reporting is an important mechanism for actively engaging listed companies in corporate social responsibility in order to pave the way for them to achieve business sustainability. The Reporting Awards organised by the BDO aspire to recognise listed companies that have displayed the best corporate endeavours in compiling and communicating their ESG activities and performance to their stakeholders. The Judging Panel greatly appreciate the award-winning companies’ earnest efforts, expressed in ideas with a high degree of originality and thoughtfulness in organising a state-of-the-art ESG presentation.”

Clement Chan, Managing Director of Assurance, BDO in Hong Kong, said, “We are pleased to see that Hong Kong listed companies are caring more about the quality of their ESG disclosure, evident from their increased inclusion of more information which is useful and of interest to stakeholders and investors in ESG reporting, telling us that the transition from basic ESG reports to the global trend of ‘impact reporting’ is in good progress. We see that even some newly listed companies have demonstrated great effort in this area, and hence we have specially created a new award category this year to acknowledge their commendable achievements. We believe companies have come to appreciate the value of ESG reporting and are therefore putting time and resources to incorporate sustainability elements in their business models and value chain, that in return brings new business opportunities to them. We at BDO, as a comrade of ESG facilitators, will continue to offer support to them in helping their companies raise ESG standards and performance and in turn contribute to overall ESG development in Hong Kong.”

Johnson Kong, Managing Director of Non-Assurance, BDO in Hong Kong, said, “On behalf of BDO, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the judges who have committed precious time and their expertise in the judging process to ensure the credibility and representativeness of the Awards. Moving forward, BDO will remain committed as a keen advocate for continuous enhancements in the ESG and ESG reporting standards of Hong Kong-listed companies towards international standards, so that the city can stay competitive in the global markets.”