BDO France extends advisory services offer through data science acquisition

24 September 2018

BDO France joins forces with Le BIPE, a French consulting firm specialised in strategic forecasting and a pioneer of data analysis in France. The merger will strengthen BDO France’s service offering with data science capabilities, aimed at advising both corporates and SMEs on digital transformation. The merger with Le BIPE allows BDO to unlock the potential of big data.

Originally founded in 1958 to support the reconstruction of the French economy, Le BIPE has grown to become a major player in data modeling and predictive data science.

Le BIPE is now focused on data driven strategy, working for large companies and private equity firms worldwide on strategic issues with a quantitative approach based on data.

Le BIPE’s data scientists and consultants, as graduates from the best scientific schools, have developed strong competencies, advanced analytics solutions and tools in quantitative analysis to uncover business value entangled into large and complex data set and reduce information asymmetry.

"In an increasingly competitive globalised business climate, our data scientists develop specific models which help to better understand how markets work by highlighting their underlying’s and identifying contributors and risks related to their evolution," explains Pascal Le Merrer, CEO of Le BIPE.

 "This alliance is a particularly strategic step for BDO”, specifies Philippe Arraou, Managing Partner of BDO France. “It will allow us to provide our clients ever more refined strategies, drawing on the skills of Le BIPE’s data science teams. The audit and consulting market is changing. Some services related to our profession must be transformed so they fully integrate digital solutions. This will unlock energy and resources to develop other areas, including advisory services." 

To become a ‘digital first’ organisation to meet the new requirements of its clients is the strategic path on which BDO France has set out since the past year under the leadership of its new Managing Partner, Philippe Arraou.

Drawing on knowledge resources, BDO continues to invest in technology together with business partners, becoming a digital-first organisation that leverages data to create insight and value for clients.