BDO Indonesia announces merger and opens new office

05 October 2017

(Photo: Thano Tanubrata)

BDO Indonesia is pleased to announce a merger with one of PKF’s offices in the city of Tangerang, the largest city in Banten province and the third largest urban centre in the greater Jakarta region.

This consolidation adds 6 CPA Partners, 2 CPA Directors, 2 Advisory Directors, 2 Tax Directors and 110 professional staff with credentials in several listed companies, foreign direct investment, banking, insurance, property, airlines, jewellery manufacturing and other specific industries.  It includes an established Korean business desk to better serve our Korean clients and companies operating in Indonesia.

Michell Suharli, head of the Banten office, explains that “The team and I have observed the recent transformation of BDO in Indonesia and welcome the opportunity to be part of its future success. We are uniquely placed in Banten as the largest group of public accountants servicing one of the fastest growing industrial corridors in Indonesia. Having a BDO office in this industrial area will significantly help to drive the firm's growth to meet its ambition.”

Welcoming Michell and his partners and staff to BDO, Stephen Darley, CEO Asia Pacific, notes that the new BDP Banten office was until recently part of the PKF member firm in Indonesia, adding that “This is particularly welcome, given the established Korean desk and, with a relatively new and vibrant Korean member firm in Seoul, I am confident of continued growth in winning more international business in this corridor.”  Stephen also makes the point that “BDO Indonesia has posted a 34% growth in its audit business over the last year, the highest growth rate amongst even the top 10 firms in our network and firmly reinforcing its number 5 position in Indonesia. This is importantly significant as Indonesia is projected to be amongst the top 5 GDP countries by 2030.”

Thano Tanubrata, deputy CEO of BDO Indonesia, adds: “In addition to this expansion in West Java, we will soon open new offices in both Surabaya and Makassar, two of the more significant business centres in East Indonesia, in a further effort to grow our reach and services across the nation. At present BDO Indonesia has 45 partners and more than 700 professional staff, all committed to our vision to be the leader for exceptional client service in Indonesia. We are also very excited to have the opportunity to showcase and welcome delegates to APREC 2018 and look forward to celebrating our continued success.”