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Adviser of the future

Where does the role of the private client adviser sit against the other three pillars of our research? What are the new skillsets that they must have, develop and retain? What will the role of technology play alongside and in developing these skillsets?

Wealthy individuals are placing new expectations upon the advisory community. The adviser of the future must respond to the challenges brought by new trends and as necessitated by their private client and their family. “The technology revolution has been microwaved” says one wealth management professional that we interviewed, and advisers must keep pace.

While a bedrock of technical expertise is expected, an understanding of the way technology can be used with clients, a digital mind-set needs to be combined with critical softer relationship skills. What your adviser knows, how they deliver it and who they know all matter.

The world is getting more complex, and the risks and repercussions of ‘getting it wrong’ publicly, have changed with ever-increasing use of the internet and social media.  Advisers need to help clients see the big picture and enable their clients to make decisions with their eyes open.

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