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The World of Private Clients

BDO’s Global Private Client Services team is a global network of private client specialists who have a multi-jurisdictional understanding of leading issues and a commitment to exceptional client service. 

For private clients, the need for specialist tax advice has never been greater. All around the world, legislation is becoming more complex, tax authorities are hardening their attitudes to tax structuring and the move towards global sharing of financial information means there is an increased risk of investigation. Particularly this year, the High Net Worth community has faced an ever-changing range of issues, opportunities and risks.

The World of Private Clients is BDO’s innovative, international research programme designed to provide a forensic understanding of these issues. Our thought leadership insights are focused through four leading themes - click through on the boxes below to explore: 

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Webinar series

We look forward to launching our series of webinars focusing on each theme of the report. Register for each event below:

You can watch our recent webinar in which our international experts take a look into the survey findings. We have a view from Asia-Pacific and the panellists share what we can expect from private clients in the future.

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