Indirect Tax News - March 2021

VAT - Revenue collection enhancement measures

To safeguard fiscal revenues, Zimbabwe’s revenue collecting body, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), has put in place the following measures:

  • VAT registered taxpayers’ (operators’) systems must now interface with ZIMRA’s server. Operators whose systems do not interface will not be issued a Tax Clearance Certificate;  
  • Non-compliant operators are excluded from participating in the weekly foreign currency auctions;
  • Effective immediately, the ZIMRA is undertaking a comprehensive audit of all VAT registered operators, with a view to account for all sales, with particular emphasis on sales in foreign currency;
  • The ZIMRA will provide the public with a 24-hour Hotline through which people can anonymously report non-compliant operators;
  • To safeguard revenues, especially foreign currency, the ZIMRA will roll out awareness campaigns aimed at educating the transacting public to demand receipts showing the correct currency of trade.

Pauline Mukamba

Maxwell Ngorima