Indirect Tax News - March 2021

New SII system inputs

The Spanish authorities approved new information data fields with respect to electronic VAT Register Books maintained through the SII System (the Immediate Supply of Information). Order HAC/1089/2020, which sets out the new fields, was published in the Official State Gazette on 27 November 2020 but the provisions did not enter into force until 1 January 2021.

The aim of these new fields is to improve the quality of the information provided and to make management even more efficient. In this sense, the main new fields relate to the three VAT registers:

  • Register of received invoices

Two optional fields are introduced. The first one is a mark to identify the acquisition or importation of capital goods. The other field introduced allows companies to indicate the year and period in which they will exercise the right to deduct the input VAT in cases where the chosen deduction period is after the registration period of the invoice.

Additionally, other technical codes were updated concerning the: simplified invoices, agricultural compensation, the special regimen for group entities, the special cash criteria regimen, the indirect taxes in the Canary Islands (IGIC) and Ceuta y Melilla (IPSI), and intra-Community acquisitions of goods and Imports.

  • Register of issued invoices

Concerning counterpart (customer) identification:

  1. There are new fields related to the identification in intra-Community supplies of goods.
  2. The counterpart identification type need not be filled in on certain types of invoices.
  3. Where reverse charge operations are indicated or where the field ‘equalization tax’ is specified, the counterpart must be identified in a certain way and only particular invoice types may be specified.

Other technical codes were also updated regarding simplified invoices, arrangements with creditors and totally or partially uncollectible debts, the special regimen for used goods, the special gold investment regimen, the special regimen for entity groups, the special cash criteria regimen, operations subject to IGIC/IPSI, collections on behalf of third parties, local business leasing, and VAT pending public administration accrual.

  • Register of certain intra-community operations

The entry into force of the call-off stock simplification determined the obligation to provide additional information on certain intra-community transactions. Thus, this Order approves the functional specifications of this new book included in the register of certain intra-community operations.

Rosario Estella

Alvaro Gómez Elvira