Indirect Tax News - March 2021

Facilities for taxpayers to complete Spanish VAT returns

In February 2021, Spanish Tax Authorities launched the second phase of a tool known as “Pre303”. This tool automatically creates a taxpayer’s draft VAT return by gathering information available to the Spanish Authorities through the on-line bookkeeping system, known as the ‘Immediate Supply of Information’ (SII), as well as from different information and census forms submitted by the VAT payer.

In 2020 the Pre303 system was only available for companies included in the SII system whose total turnover was below the threshold of EUR 6 million. This new update extends the Pre303 to all the VAT payers, offering different features depending on the profile the company.

New features

The main features of the new phase of this automation project features the following:

  • Census details – The Pre303 will complete the draft of the VAT return using the census details of the client, based on the census form historically submitted by the VAT payer.
  • VAT quotas to be compensated –The “Pre303” will offer the companies the possibility to track the taxpayer’s VAT quotas to be compensated over the past 48 returns and the Pre303 applies any available VAT amount when calculating the taxpayer’s current VAT liability.
  • SII information – The draft VAT return will be generated using the output and input VAT information uploaded through the electronic VAT books submitted. This feature will be only available to those companies obliged to report the invoices issued and received through the SII system.

Other fields, such as the current account number from previous declarations, the deferred VAT import quotas, and information related to supplementary declarations submitted will be included in the automated draft VAT return but the taxpayer can modify them.

Amparo Sanchís Sierra

Alvaro Gómez Elvira