Global Employer Services Newsletter March 2020

Swedish entry ban due to COVID-19

As at 17 March, the Swedish government has decided to temporarily stop unnecessary entries into Sweden. The aim of this decisions is to mitigate the effect of the Corona virus and reducing the spread of Covid-19. The decision has been made following the call of the European Council and the European Commission.  

In accordance with the EU Member States agreement at an EU level, the implications of the decision is that the Swedish government is temporarily stopping unnecessary entries to Sweden from countries outside the EEA and Switzerland. The purpose is to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Swedish citizens are not affected by the entry ban. There are also exceptions, for example EEA citizens and their family members if the purpose of entry is to return to their home in Sweden. Other people who have special needs or who are required to perform necessary functions in Sweden will still be able to go to Sweden. This is an exceptional measure and the entry ban is intended to be temporary.

The decision could mean that employees intending to go on assignment to Sweden will have to wait for the entry ban to be dissolved before entering Sweden.

Lena Gewers