Global Employer Services Newsletter December 2019

Cross border posting of workers - Posted Workers Directive

Today, it is increasingly common for employees to be sent across borders to work. When employees are posted in the EU, both EU laws and regulations as well as local ones apply. It can be a big challenge for international employers to keep up to date with all the relevant legal requirements, especially since legal frameworks differ from country to country and are constantly subject to change.

The Posted Workers Directive (PWD) applies to companies that send employees of any nationality to EU member states within the context of cross-border service provision, for example, business travellers or seconded workers. The Directive stipulates that EU member states must ensure that employees who are temporarily posted in another member state are treated equally to employees from the host country, in terms of employment benefits. The deadline for adapting national legislation to ensure the PWD is incorporated is 30th July 2020. 

BDO Legal has prepared an easy-reference guide on the consequences of the revised PWD for employers, focussing on the specific impact in a number key European jurisdictions. If you would like to receive a copy, please do contact us. 


Caroline MacDonald