• RESILIENCE – embedding resilience
    and keeping your business running

RESILIENCE - embedding resilience and keeping your business running

Running the business in ‘lockdown’ / reduced demand and supply. Operations are adjusted and optimised based on customer demand. Business is under control and employees are safe. Capital structure is solid. Regulatory compliance maintained and scenario planning is underway using economic and customer data.

Maintaining business operations during ‘lockdown’ disruption using techniques that allow people, processes and information systems to adapt to changing patterns. The ability to alter operations in the face of changing business conditions, preserving the continuity of the provision of critical functions to an organisation’s customers.


Embedding resilience & keeping your business running

BDO can help you navigate the challenges


RESILIENCE notable challenges

-    PEOPLE – Workforce planning & productivity 
-    STRATEGY & OPERATIONS – Customer acquisition & recession proofing
-    RISK – Supply chain optimisation
-    FINANCIALS – Cost optimisation & financial hardening
-    REGULATION – Regulatory compliance


RESILIENCE objectives

-    Operate more efficiently
-    Optimise costs
-    Identify profitability quick wins
-    Develop customer segmentation strategy
-    Improve customer value
-    Improve working capital efficiency
-    Reconfigure the supply chain
-    Navigate the return to work
-    Increase workforce productivity & flexibility
-    Source & structure M&A deals

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