• REACT - safeguarding your business

REACT - safeguarding your business

Beginning of the downturn. Initial risks are assessed. Immediate crisis management actions are required to ensure employees are safe and healthy, capital is adequate, and suppliers and customers are closely connected with the business. Planning is based on Government policy, guidelines and support.

The way in which companies respond to the initial impact of the COVID-19 crisis, minimising the catastrophic effects on its business operations, employee safety, supply chain and ongoing financial viability.


Safeguarding your business in a crisis

BDO can help you respond


REACT challenges

-    PEOPLE – employee health & safety
-    STRATEGY & OPERATIONS – Crisis management and customer retention
-    RISK – supply chain continuity
-    FINANCIALS – Liquidity & cashflow
-    REGULATION – Regulatory response & policy development


REACT objectives

-    Keep employees safe
-    Improve cash flow & liquidity
-    Streamline operations
-    Stabilise business
-    Retain customers
-    Mitigate supply chain disruption
-    Optimise inventories
-    Minimise liabilities
-    Bolster cyber security
-    Reduce contract risk

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