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Training modules

BDO’s online training comprises a high level overview of individual IFRSs, together with a range of accessible ‘bite sized’ modules that cover separate issues in more detail.  They can be viewed online or downloaded to a mobile device.

Sustainability Reporting

E-Learning Courses

TCFD Explained - Overview and Examples in Practice n/a

E-Learning Courses

IFRS 9: Corporates – Classification & measurement n/a
​IFRS 9: Corporates - Impairment ​n/a
IFRS 9: Inter-company loans n/a
IFRS 7: Disclosures (new disclosures as a result of IFRS 9) n/a

Online Videos

IFRS 9 Overview 27m49s
​Classification and measurement of financial assets overview ​16m24s
Amortised cost -  Classification 7m20s
​Solely payments of principal and interest ​15m41s
​Hold to collect business model 0​9m36s
​Amortised cost - Measurement 12m21s
FVTOCI for debt - Classification​ 3m26s
Hold to collect and sell business model​ 0​5m49s
FVTOCI for debt - Measurement​ 6m15s
Fair value measurement for equity investments and the FVTOCI option 7m50s
Accounting for equity investments classified at FVTOCI 6m58s
​FVTPL 12m21s
​Classification and measurement of financial liabilities ​10m50s
Financial liabilities designated at FVTPL - changes in credit risk 13m19s
​Amortised cost measurement for financial liabilities 12m24s
Reestimating cash flows of financial liabilities at amortised cost 13m12s
​Impairment overview ​25m57s
Significant increases in credit risk - Part 1: Key requirements and factors to consider 44m55s
Significant increases in credit risk - Part 2: Operational Simplifications 31m42s
Credit impaired financial assets 26m01s
​Measurement of expected credit losses 40m56s
​Application of the simplified (ECL) approach to trade receivables ​20m25s
​Accounting for issued financial guarantee contracts not measured at FVTPL (including impairment) 22m31s
Transition - Classification and measurement 25m17s
IFRIC Meeting Summaries
Other IFRS Standards