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Sustainability Reporting Policy Committee

Formed of sustainability reporting specialists drawn from a range of BDO member firms worldwide, the Sustainability Reporting Policy Committee is our global committee which is responsible for setting IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards policy for our global network. It is tasked with developing tools and guidance relating to IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards, and preparing comment letters to the ISSB on issues of significance, with the aim of ensuring consistent interpretation of IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards across the network.


Global Head of IFRS and Corporate Reporting
Andrew Buchanan
[email protected]


Country​ SRPC Member E-mail Address
Australia Aletta Boshoff [email protected]
Canada Dave Rasmussen [email protected]
Canada Pierre Taillefer [email protected] 
China Jansen Hu [email protected]
China Xiaoyue Sun [email protected]
China - Hong Kong Fanny Hsiang [email protected]
China - Hong Kong Ricky Cheng [email protected]
Germany Jens Freiberg [email protected]
Germany Viola Moller [email protected]
Germany Carmen Auer (observer) [email protected]
India Siddharth Iyer [email protected]
India Dipankar Ghosh [email protected]
Israel Ehud Greenberg [email protected]
Israel Chen Herzog [email protected]
Israel Lihie Luclea (observer) [email protected]
Italy Stefano Bianchi [email protected]
Italy Carlo Luison [email protected]
Malaysia Khoon Yeow Tan [email protected]
Malaysia Kah Yee Lee [email protected]
Malaysia Lee Chia Yee  [email protected]
Netherlands Roald Beumer [email protected]
Netherlands Adrianca Mens (observer) [email protected]
Netherlands Gijsbert Bruijnes [email protected]
South Africa Michelle Botha [email protected]
South Africa Karien Erasmus [email protected]
Switzerland Valerian Stalder (observer) [email protected]
United Kingdom Anthony Appleton (chair) [email protected]
United Kingdom Fiona Davis [email protected]
United States Nattaly Jeter [email protected]
United States Amy Rojik [email protected]
United States Christopher Tower (observer) [email protected]