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IFRS country leaders



Country Name Email 
Antigua and Barbuda Raquel Glynn [email protected]
Argentina Marcelo Canetti [email protected]
Armenia Gnel Khachatryan [email protected]
Aruba Jamil Tromp [email protected]
Australia Aletta Boshoff [email protected]
Austria Klemens Eiter [email protected]
Azerbaijan Yunis Salayev [email protected]
Bahamas Brent Roberts [email protected]
Bahrain Ayaz Qureshi [email protected]
Barbados Brett Massiah [email protected]
Belarus Ivan Kavalenka [email protected]
Belgium Ellen Lombaerts [email protected]
Belize Stanley Ermeav [email protected]
Bolivia Johnny Zenteno [email protected]
Botswana Michael Fenton [email protected]
Brazil Dario Lima [email protected]
British Virgin Islands Krystal Blackman [email protected]
Bulgaria Stoyanka Apostolova [email protected]
Canada Armand Capisciolto [email protected]
Cayman Islands David White [email protected]
Cayman Islands James George [email protected]
Chile Rodrigo Vergara [email protected]
Colombia Victor Ramirez [email protected]
Costa Rica Victor Barrios [email protected]
Cyprus Terry Kiely [email protected]
Czech Republic Petr Slavicek [email protected]
Denmark Claus Muhlig [email protected]
Denmark Torben Johansen [email protected]
Dominican Republic Liliana Beriguete [email protected]
Dutch Caribbean Michel Falke [email protected]
Egypt Mahmoud El Garahy [email protected]
El Salvador Oscar Urrutia Viana [email protected]
Estonia Mariliis Rahkema [email protected]
Estonia Sven Siling [email protected]
Ethiopia Tolessa Beyene [email protected]
Fiji Wathsala Suraweera [email protected]
Finland Heikki Maki [email protected]
France Anne-Catherine Farlay [email protected]
French Polynesia Nicolas Ménard [email protected]
Georgia Davit Darsavelidze [email protected]
Germany Jens Freiberg [email protected]
Gibraltar Desiree McHard [email protected]
Greece Stelios Ntotsias [email protected]
Guatemala Adolfo Sican [email protected]
Guernsey Justin Hallett [email protected]
Hong Kong and Macao Fanny Hsiang [email protected]
Hungary Edmond Gaal [email protected]
Hungary Péter Kékesi [email protected]
Iceland Sigrun Gudmundsdottir [email protected]
India Pradeep Suresh [email protected]
Indonesia Indra Sri Widodo [email protected]
Ireland Teresa Morahan [email protected]
Israel Ehud Greenberg [email protected]
Israel Ran Sherman [email protected]
Italy Stefano Bianchi [email protected]
Ivory Coast Serge Do Rego [email protected]
Jamaica Sonia McFarlane [email protected]
Japan Dai Tanaka [email protected]
Japan Yonebayashi Kiichi [email protected]
Jersey Bill Glancy [email protected]
Jordan Ahmad Ramahi [email protected]
Kazakhstan Yelimim Yussupova [email protected]
Korea Wonkyung Choi [email protected]
Kosovo Amir Dermala [email protected]
Kuwait Abdallah Farhat [email protected]
Latvia Zane Vilsone [email protected]
Lebanon Antoine Gholam [email protected]
Liechtenstein Roger Zueger [email protected]
Lithuania Jolita Rubiniene [email protected]
Luxembourg Bettina Blinn [email protected]
Macedonia Zvonko Kocovski [email protected]
Malaysia Tan Khoon Yeow [email protected]
Malaysia Tang Choon [email protected]
Malta Sam Spiridonov [email protected]
Mauritius Didier Dabydin [email protected]
Mauritius Marie-Louise Teng [email protected]
Mexico Luis Villalobos [email protected]
Mongolia Bayanmunkh Gombo [email protected]
Morocco Amine Baakli [email protected]
Mozambique Abdul Hamid [email protected]
Namibia Johan de Vos [email protected]
Netherlands Bart Kamp [email protected]
New Zealand Natalie Tyndall [email protected]
New Zealand James Lindsay [email protected]
Nigeria AboabaOlugbemiga Akibayo [email protected]
Nigeria Generic Nigeria [email protected]
Northern Ireland Catherine Roy [email protected]
Norway Borre Skisland [email protected]
Norway Nina Servold Oppi [email protected]
Norway Reidar Jensen [email protected]
Oman Bipin Kapur [email protected]
Oman Manvinder Singh [email protected]
Pakistan Raheel Shahnawaz [email protected]
Panama Dario Gonzalez dagonzalez[email protected]
Papua New Guinea Evangeline Madriaga [email protected]
Paraguay Juan Carlos Villalba [email protected]
Peru Liliana Cordova [email protected]
Philippines Christian Francis S Felismino [email protected]
Philippines David Cruz [email protected]
Poland Krzystof Maksymik [email protected]
Poland Michal Tomczyk [email protected]
Portugal Pedro Nunes Sousa [email protected]
Puerto Rico Sigfredo Velez [email protected]
Qatar Gavin Brown [email protected]
Reunion Island and Mayotte Jocelyne Ative [email protected]
Romania Cristian Iliescu [email protected]
Russia Leonid Sidelkovskiy [email protected]
Samoa Ernest Betham [email protected]
Saudi Arabia Ahmed Aljumah [email protected]
Serbia Igor Radmanovic [email protected]
Seychelles Nazrah Ramdin [email protected]
Sierra Leone Nigel Roach [email protected]
Singapore Ng Kian Hui [email protected]
Slovak Republic Alena Sermekova [email protected]
Slovenia Marusa Hauptman [email protected]
Slovenia Mateja Vrankar [email protected]
South Africa Theunis Schoeman [email protected]
Spain David Cabaleiro [email protected]
Sri Lanka and Maldives Vasanthakumar Rasarathinam [email protected]
St. Lucia Andrea St. Rose [email protected]
St. Vincent Reuben John [email protected]
Suriname Robin Ferrier [email protected]
Sweden Karin Siwertz [email protected]
Switzerland Beat Rüfenacht [email protected]
Switzerland René Füglister [email protected]
Taiwan Beatrice Liu [email protected]
Tajikistan Bakhtiyor Rustamov [email protected]
Tanzania Juvinal Betambira [email protected]
Thailand Matthew Cutt [email protected]
Trinidad and Tobago Riaz Ali [email protected]
Tunisia Khalid Mnif [email protected]
Turkey Taceddin Yazar [email protected]
Uganda Mary Nabaggala [email protected]
Ukraine Liliya Dzyuba [email protected]
Ukraine Oleg Malashchuk [email protected]
United Arab Emirates Muhammad Husnain [email protected]
United Kingdom Anthony Appleton [email protected]
United States Wendy Hambleton [email protected]
Uruguay Ernesto Bartesaghi [email protected]
Venezuela Heli Chirino [email protected]
Venezuela Roderick Larez [email protected]
Vietnam jeffrey Ong [email protected]
West Bank and Gaza Nabeel Zeidan [email protected]
Zambia Godsave Nhekede [email protected]
Zimbabwe Davison Madhigi [email protected]