A message from our Global CEO

These are unprecedented times.  Not a single organisation will have had a ready-to-use playbook for it.  But like all other businesses, BDO is doing its utmost to manage the many challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our people, our clients and stakeholders is very important to us.

Worldwide, our firms are strictly following the recommendations of their governments, and we are now relying heavily on flexible work arrangements, with many of our +80K colleagues working from home for the coming weeks.  All non-essential travel has been restricted and all conferences and meetings have either been delayed or transformed into virtual meetings.

We understand that many of you are experiencing unprecedented challenges at this difficult time.  Our professionals worldwide are working together to ensure you receive the necessary support and focus. They are ready to discuss all possible solutions to help you during this crisis and maintain continuity of service, both at a local and at a global level.

I know that my colleagues around the world are reaching out to you – if you would like to talk to one of our professionals, please contact BDO in your country. You can either click the TALK TO US button on this COVID-19 response centre or go direct to the country concerned via the LOCATIONS dropdown, below.

As CEO, I am proud to see how BDO around the world has come together as one, supporting each other to ensure we can continue to deliver the best service to our clients and supporting our people and our local communities. BDO is a strong organisation.  We take our purpose very seriously, people helping people.  We are confident that together we will navigate this difficult period.

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