Complaints and Speaking up

BDO is a network of independent member firms. BDO International Limited does not have direct control, authority or liability for the actions or omissions of a BDO Member Firm, its partners or employees. Accordingly, if you have a complaint about, or dispute with a BDO Member Firm, its partners, staff or contractors, you are advised to make the relevant Member Firm aware of this.

However, we recognise that in some situations, you may wish to bring a matter to the attention of BDO Global Office. Whilst, as noted above, we do not have control or authority over BDO Member Firms, we can in some cases highlight the concern to the relevant BDO Member Firm. We will review your complaint and we take these seriously, however, we do not undertake to share any information about our actions in relation to this complaint with you.

Please complete the form below to contact the BDO Global Office. If you wish to attach documents or other relevant information, please send these to

Please also indicate whether the BDO Global Office can share these details with the relevant BDO Member Firm.