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Realising the Future, Now

All companies material risks are broadening and becoming more complex with the realities of climate change, global health pandemics and rising industrialisation. It's imperative that we rethink how our businesses operate and behave if we are to ensure our systems and foundations are fit for a sustainable future.

At BDO, we aim to view all our clients needs through the 'sustainability lens' to help build resilience and purpose so they are able to thrive now, and in to the future.

The Business Case for Dealing with Climate Change

The reality is that, unless businesses embrace the need to build climate change into their strategy and planning, they will pay higher costs of capital or, in some cases, will not be able to raise capital at all.

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BDO's integrated thinking and reporting journey guide

Stakeholders including customers, employees, investors and regulators are increasingly expecting organisations to demonstrate value creation and better risk minimization activities beyond what is available in traditional financial reports.

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BDO Tools Up for the Future

BDO has recognised the value of sustainability, both in terms of addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals but also in terms of the value that it can bring to a business. We’ve also recognised the important role and impact BDO can have in supporting our clients on their journey.

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The Need to Have a Clear ESG Narrative

ESG is not new, but it’s now more important than ever. Material risks of a company are broadening and becoming more complex with the realities of climate change, global health pandemics and rising industrialisation.

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BDO ESG Awards 2021

The BDO HK ESG Awards recognises outstanding listed companies in Hong Kong that have made a positive impact in the areas of Environmental, Social and Governance

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More Insights


ESG is an investment driver for real estate and construction

July 2021 | BDO South Africa

The pandemic has reshaped the real estate and construction sectors. as many organisations embrace a remote- or hybrid-working model, the need for physical office space and industrial buildings is decreasing.

BDO ESG's risk assessment tool

May 2021 | BDO Sustainable Finance

For banks it is important to assess to which extent their corporate customers are exposed to ESG risks and how they address them, especially in their credit risk assessment. BDO’s ESG risk assessment tool can help handle applications efficiently. 

How climate change became a business issue worth reporting

Mar 2021 | BDO Canada

When the Government of Canada released its pandemic bridge financing program for big businesses last year, it included a bunch of familiar strings attached. And also one that is less common: climate reporting.

What executives need to do to align ESG with strategy

Mar 2021 | BDO Australia

This is not just about sustainability strategy, but how do we get sustainability into strategy? Particularly when markets expect a return every year. But does ESG need to come at a cost to shareholder returns?

Impatti Della Normativa ESG: Risk Management, Loans, Investments

Jan 2021 | BDO Italy & Partners

Webinar - "Impacts of ESG legislation: risk management, loans, investments" by ABI (Italian Banking Association) and BDO.


How does COVID-19 impact the environment?

Jan 2021 | BDO Centers

COVID 19’s impact on the environment has been mixed.  Although the pandemic resulted in improved environmental conditions, there have been other negative effects, some of which are obvious, others less so. Check out this report prepared by BDO Centers which delves into a number of the impacts and its call to build back sustainably. 

The Future of ESG is... Accounting?

Nov 2020 | Havard Business Review

This past September, the IFRS Foundation proposed the creation of a parallel Sustainability Standards Board (SSB). If its proposal is adopted, investors and other stakeholders will suddenly have a much clearer view of any company’s sustainability performance—just as they do its financial performance.


IFRS International Financial Bulletin - Effects of Climate-Related Matters on Financial Statements

Nov 2020 | BDO Global

The IFRS Foundation has published educational material to provide information on how existing IFRS Standards may require companies to consider climate-related matterswhen their effect is material to thefinancial statements.


WEBINAR - ESG Due Diligence - Integrating the Sustainability Factor Into the Investment Process

19 Nov 2020 | BDO Germany, BDO Italy

This virtual round table focuses on the different practical approaches to ESG due diligence and provides insights on how PE firms, strategic investors and rating agencies can integrate the sustainability factor into the investment process.

Biden/Harris 2021 Climate Plan

Nov 2020 | Joe Biden

The Biden plan for a clean energy revolution and environmental justice. 

BHP's carbon footprint commitment is a major signal to miners 

Oct 2020 | Australian Financial Review, Christophe Niesche

Australian mining giant BHP has started down the path to reducing its carbon emissions, setting an absolute emissions reduction strategy for the first time.


ESG: A Catalyst for Strategic Boardroom Conversations

Sep 2020 | BDO US

Join BDO's Center for Corporate Governance Amy Rojik as she sits down with Lara Lee, Fortune 50 executive and now seasoned independent board member, to discuss how boards can reframe ESG by taking a strategic, holistic approach that moves beyond the obligations of disclosure and mitigation toward the opportunities of innovation and enhanced reputation. Lara is an expert in turning disruption, challenges, and emerging threats into sources of strategic repositioning and innovation.


Key Contacts

Henning Drager, Global Sustainability Lead

Carlo Luison, Sustainable Innovation, BDO Italy

Ricky Cheng, Director and Head of Risk Advisory

Ricky Cheng, Director and Head of Risk Advisory, BDO Hong Kong

Pierre Taillefer, Partner, Risk Advisory, BDO Canada

Catherine Bell, Senior Manager, Global Sustainability