• Sustainability services

Sustainability services

BDO supports our clients towards a strategic path of reporting, communication, dialogue and positioning among its stakeholders and market:

MATERIALITY ANALYSIS, is the foundational activity for the start of reporting.  It consists of identifying the primary impacts of economic, environmental and social elements, summarised in a Materiality Matrix. This methodological analysis helps to determine the broader dimensions of the company, defining its strategic role with respect to the sector and the challenges within a national and international context.

STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT, an activity carried out with the purpose of updating the Materiality Analysis. BDO would propose a strategic engagement programme with key stakeholders to ensure communication and alignment of programme objectives.

‘INTEGRATED THINKING’ aims to look at a business holistically to find value-creation opportunities using a combination of financial and non-financial methods. BDO accompanies the organisation in a journey of value creation including a short, medium, and long-term horizon. Using internationally recognised frameworks, BDO promotes ESG reporting processes that allow the periodic publication of a non-financial report (besides the annual financial report), or an integrated financial report - namely a single annual document containing both financial and non-financial information in accordance with industry standards.

ROLE OF THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS - The SDGs encourage business to make sustainable development a central part of their business strategy to ensure organisations meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of generations to come.



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