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    As climate change becomes an increasingly bigger issue, governments and industry bodies are responding with new policies and incentives. This site is dedicated to tracking the changes and helping to support our clients move to a low carbon world.

Energy is a concern for everyone

In tackling the impact of global climate change, every nation is encouraging organsations and people to act to reduce carbon-emission generating activities in order to reduce the speed of global warming and transit to low carbon economy. Drastically lower production costs, growing concern around climate change, evolving global energy policies and increased pressure from investors on companies to adopt environmental social governance (ESG) polices are seeing our energy system transform at an incredible speed. Companies must adapt and manage the risks and opportunities of the transition in addition to the associated climatic-related risks. 

Energy Transition Report - Mining/O&G

Results from BDO's Energy Transition Diagnostic Tool tracking the mining and oil & gas trends to a low carbon economy

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Social Licence to Operate in Mining

This paper focuses on mid-market mining companies’ growing need for social licence amid 21st century demands for transparency and accountability.

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Renewables: The Climate for Investment 2020

Covering key investment factors across 10 markets - Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, UK and the US

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Offshore Winds of Change

Offshore wind farms are by no means a new entrant on to the energy market, the first offshore windfarm was built in 1991 in Denmark with 11 turbines generating 5 megawatts (MW), enough power for 2,200 homes. 2000 saw the UK’s first offshore wind turbines with two 2MW Vestas wind turbines off Northumberland.

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Sustainability Snapshots - Energy Transition Vol 1

The increasing penetration of renewable energy into the energy supply mix, the onset of electrification and improvements in energy storage are all key drivers of the energy transition.

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RETHINK your business

As a result of the pandemic, BDO have adopted a three-stage model to help our clients manage business priorities, address issues and leverage thinking: React, Resilience, Realise.  These stages can be considered separately, or as a part of a roadmap to help companies manage throughout the COVID-19 impact. The model provides a practical approach to helping companies assess what issues they are likely to face throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery, but can equally be adapted and used for considerations around how you may need to rethink your business in relation to the energy transition. 

BDO Global Natural Resources - The New Reality from BDO Global on Vimeo.

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More Insights

Offshore Winds of Change

Sep 2021 | BDO UK

Some 20 years on and there are now over 170 offshore wind farms across the globe with 33.5 gigawatts (GW) of capacity, the number of wind farms is growing by 13% y-o-y and capacity is growing by 19% y-o-y as individual turbines increase in power capacity. By the end of 2021 there are forecast to be 227 offshore wind farms with 45GW of power capacity, in another four years that is expected to grow to 440 offshore wind farms with 106GW of capacity.*

What executives need to do to align ESG with strategy

Mar 2021 | BDO Australia

This is not just about sustainability strategy, but how do we get sustainability into strategy? Particularly when markets expect a return every year. But does ESG need to come at a cost to shareholder returns?

How does COVID-19 impact the environment?

Jan 2021 | BDO Centers

COVID 19’s impact on the environment has been mixed.  Although the pandemic resulted in improved environmental conditions, there have been other negative effects, some of which are obvious, others less so. Check out this report prepared by BDO Centers which delves into a number of the impacts and its call to build back sustainably. 

The Future of ESG is... Accounting?

Nov 2020 | Havard Business Review

This past September, the IFRS Foundation proposed the creation of a parallel Sustainability Standards Board (SSB). If its proposal is adopted, investors and other stakeholders will suddenly have a much clearer view of any company’s sustainability performance—just as they do its financial performance.


IFRS International Financial Bulletin - Effects of Climate-Related Matters on Financial Statements

Nov 2020 | BDO Global

The IFRS Foundation has published educational material to provide information on how existing IFRS Standards may require companies to consider climate-related matterswhen their effect is material to thefinancial statements.


BHP's carbon footprint commitment is a major signal to miners 

Oct 2020 | Australian Financial Review, Christophe Niesche

Australian mining giant BHP has started down the path to reducing its carbon emissions, setting an absolute emissions reduction strategy for the first time.

ESG: A Catalyst for Strategic Boardroom Conversations

Sep 2020 | BDO US

Join BDO's Center for Corporate Governance Amy Rojik as she sits down with Lara Lee, Fortune 50 executive and now seasoned independent board member, to discuss how boards can reframe ESG by taking a strategic, holistic approach that moves beyond the obligations of disclosure and mitigation toward the opportunities of innovation and enhanced reputation. Lara is an expert in turning disruption, challenges, and emerging threats into sources of strategic repositioning and innovation.

Offshore wind power might become a ‘game changer’ for energy systems.

July 2020 | BDO Global

Ongoing innovations and technology enhancements in wind energy are facilitating massive wind power potential. A number of market drivers including decreasing costs, favourable government policies, private sector initiatives and growing electricity demand are fueling the growth of the wind power sector, particularly offshore wind.


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