• World Wide Tax News - Issue 46

World Wide Tax News - Issue 46

31 January 2018

This newsletter summarises recent tax developments of international interest across the world. In this issue:

  • UNITED STATES: Corporate tax reform - Summary of new laws taking effect
  • INTERNATIONAL: Base erosion and profit shifting - Developing economies 
  • AUSTRALIA: New guidance for multinationals on providing general purpose financial accounts
  • SINGAPORE: Re-domiciliation of companies
  • THAILAND: Thailand joins the inclusive framework on BEPS
  • DENMARK: Proposed tax initiatives by the Danish government
  • FRANCE: New corporate tax contributions introduced after 3% contribution on dividends declared fully unconstitutional
  • HUNGARY: Tax changes for 2018
  • IRELAND: Budget 2018 and Ireland’s international tax strategy
  • ITALY: New ruling for MNE groups with potential hidden permanent establishments in Italy
  • LATVIA: Loans issued to related parties will be taxable transactions
  • THE NETHERLANDS: Tax changes proposed by coalition agreement 2017-2021 / Dividend withholding tax – Changes for holding cooperatives, and expansion of Dutch dividend withholding tax exemption / Per-element approach of Dutch fiscal unity – CJEU ruling could result in retroactive legislation
  • NORWAY: Developments on limitation of interest deductions / New rules on dividends from Norwegian companies
  • SWITZERLAND: Wide-ranging impacts from adapting latest international legislation on tax evasion
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Autumn budget and finance bill 2017-18
  • ARGENTINA: Update on fiscal and accounting asset revaluation project
  • ZIMBABWE: Permanent establishment concept introduced in Zimbabwe