United Kingdom - UK Ratifies New Treaty with Luxembourg

The UK on 19 July 2023 ratified a new UK-Luxembourg income tax treaty that includes significant changes to the current treaty.

The new treaty will be effective 1 January 2024 for UK withholding tax and Luxembourg taxes, 1 April 2024 for UK corporation tax purposes, and 6 April 2024 for UK income tax and capital gains tax purposes.

The new treaty includes a so-called “property-rich” clause  that grants both countries the right to tax any gain realised from the sale of shares or corporate interests in an entity that derives more than 50% of its value from immovable property situated in the other country (the “property-rich” entity).

The treaty also provides for full withholding tax exemption for dividends in the source country, as long as the recipient of the dividends is the beneficial owner.

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Stuart Strong
BDO in United Kingdom