United Kingdom - Guidance on reporting hybrid working arrangements for sponsored workers amended

The UK’s Home Office on 23 March updated guidance confirming that hybrid and remote working locations must be reported for sponsored workers.

With flexible and hybrid working on the rise since the end of the pandemic, the Home Office has recently released updated guidance on sponsored workers and the information that must be supplied in situations where hybrid or remote working scenarios have replaced traditional working practices.

Employers are now obligated to report any changes to a sponsored worker’s work location, including sponsored workers working remotely from home on a permanent basis or if the sponsored worker changes to a more hybrid approach working from the employer’s office space.

How to report a flexible working arrangement for a sponsored worker depends on company policy. Whether the sponsored worker’s flexible working arrangement follows a company-wide policy or is determined on a case-by-case basis, any change must be reported to the Home Office.

If a flexible arrangement becomes a fully remote working arrangement for the sponsored worker, the reporting may be more complex and could endanger the sponsorship approval.

Only permanent changes for sponsored workers need to be reported to the Home Office.

If you require further assistance, please reach out to your usual BDO contact.

Stuart Strong
BDO in United Kingdom


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