• BDO Travel & Tourism Webinar: Tour Operators Margin Scheme
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BDO Travel & Tourism Webinar: Tour Operators Margin Scheme

12 April 2021

German Tax Authorities have announced that they will look to tax non-EU established travel businesses selling German content towards the end of this year. As the implementation of the rules are changing constantly and other Member States are looking at taxing non-EU tour operators locally too we have produced a joint webinar which brings together travel and tourism specialists from BDO UK and BDO Germany. They discussed the future of the EU’s policies on non-EU travel businesses selling EU content and how it might impact UK travel businesses.

Against the backdrop COVID-19 restrictions, the narrowing of the UK’s application of the Tour Operator’s Margin scheme and Brexit, the Travel sector is already facing substantial headwinds. Could other EU members states follow Germany’s lead and penalise UK travel businesses selling content in the EU? What would be the impact on your travel business?

Watch our webinar in find out more.