Techtonic States - Tech Spotlight

Amid challenges including economic downturn and geopolitical turbulence, businesses must adapt if they are to survive, and businesses in the tech sector are under more intense pressure than most. The technology industry stands in a unique position, spearheading the development and implementation of technology to solve business problems.
BDO's Techtonic States study envisions four unique 2026 scenario's, analysing the technology and market dynamics. In each scenario, advanced technology is pivotal, empowering organisations to manage risks and bolster resilience.

The study – which combines scenario planning with opinion research amongst business leaders –emphasises technology's transformative role in addressing business challenges and fostering innovation for growth. Regardless of what lies ahead, innovation will remain the catalyst for sustainable business growth.

This report examines the views of leaders in the technology sector and explores ways that they can mitigate risk and embrace opportunities in each of our four future scenarios.