BDO's Legal Guide to European Tech Regulations

BDO's Legal Guide to European Tech Regulations

A clear & concise overview for your company Companies in the Tech sector face many new European regulations, and it is important to know which of these rules apply to your company and why. These regulations are applicable depending on several factors such as company size, type and core activities. Of course, there’s also the possibility your company has to comply with multiple regulations at once.

To assist you in navigating and understanding these regulations, we created the ‘BDO Legal Guide to European Tech Regulations’.

This paper contains a clear and concise overview of the most relevant tech regulations. Giving you a quick insight and guidance on their most important aspects. 

To help you figure out which rules apply to your organisation, we also provided a table with the different activities and businesses that may be impacted.

Some examples of EU regulations discussed in our guide:

  • Data Act
  • Digital Services Act (DSA)
  • Digital Markets Act (DMA)
  • Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) 
  • Directive on Administrative Cooperation (DAC7)
  • Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) 

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Do you want more information about the impact of these regulations on your company? Need help with compliance? 

Contact our BDO Legal expert Pieter Goovaerts, he’ll gladly help you out or put you in contact with one of our other relevant colleagues.