• The Future Workforce in Construction | Take part in BDO Global Survey

The Future Workforce in Construction | Take part in BDO Global Survey

26 January 2023

At BDO, we recognise the importance of having workforce planning in place to attract and retain staff for the future. To understand the challenges facing our clients in the construction sector in relation to talent shortage and scarcity, we are undertaking a global research project to develop an insights report into the sector’s future workforce.

The project

BDO's Global Real Estate & Construction team is undertaking a global research project to understand the opinions and attitudes of university students towards considering/pursuing a career in the industry.
The Future Workforce in Construction global survey aims to gain insight from countries across 5 continents on how attractive the construction sector is for the new generation – especially Gen Z, who entered the workplace in 2020 - and how their values and beliefs shape their perspective. It also gathers input from those currently working in the sector.
Results and key findings from the survey will be published in a report “The Future Workforce in Construction”, which we will of course be delighted to share with you.

The challenge

One of the key challenges for construction companies is attracting and retaining talent, particularly diverse and young talent, to bridge the gap caused by significant shortage of skilled workforce in the industry. It is our goal, therefore, to understand the attitudes and sentiments of students and young people towards the opportunities in the industry and to educate construction companies on actions to take for improvements. For example, those recommendations could be improving Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) credentials, improving opportunities for Indigenous talent, offering greater opportunities for women in construction, digital and technological innovations, and others.

The objective

Through our findings, we wish to make students aware of the opportunities to effect meaningful change in the construction sector by working from within the industry. We also wish to make them aware of the contributions they can make to the evolution of the industry by bringing new talent, diverse skills and fresh views to the table.

How you can help

By taking part in our survey, you will help find solutions for tomorrow’s challenges and play a role in shaping the industry’s future:

The Future Workforce survey will close mid-February 2023.

The outcome

Results and key findings from the survey will be published by BDO early 2023 in “The Future Workforce in Construction” report, a piece of global Thought Leadership to be used as a solid conversation opener with clients.

Our global report will identify and examine the misalignments between corporate vision and students’ priorities, provide practical improvements for industry leaders on how to bridge the gap, and recommend corporate talent strategies.

The global report will also highlight the construction sector’s important role in the transition towards a greener and more resilient future, driven by the pursuit for innovative and digital skills in the industry.

Thank you for your consideration.