The Future of the Office Space

Andres Reith, National Leader, Real Estate & Construction and Partner, Business Services 

Jenine Waters, National Leader, People Advisory

Office workers and companies want to get more out of their workspaces and living areas, particularly as many companies transition to a hybrid work model. Is the standard office fit-out and five-day work commute a thing of the past? Will large organisations downsize and move to the suburbs? Or get creative with their office spaces to foster collaboration, brainstorming and productivity?

What is the future of the office space?

BDO in Australia’s National Leader of Real Estate & Construction, Andres Reith, brings together commercial real estate experts Sarah Hughes and Jordan Sukkar, along with BDO's Jenine Waters, to discuss the future of the office space, address the impact of working from home on commercial real estate, and dive into the economic consequences for real estate and construction companies.

They discuss:

  • Trends in commercial real estate resulting from COVID-19
  • The employee's market - catering for your people, not just your business
  • Building communities, not physical spaces
  • How to stay innovative in the commercial real estate space


  • Andres Reith - National Leader, Real Estate and Construction, BDO
  • Sarah Hughes - National Director and Head of Tenant Advisory NSW, Colliers
  • Jordan Sukkar - General Manager, New Business & Group Services, Buildcorp
  • Jenine Waters - National Leader, People Advisory, BDO

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