• The New Normal Energy Systems & The Business Models That Will Get Us There

The New Normal Energy Systems & The Business Models That Will Get Us There

08 October 2020

VIDEO - 45 mins

This KEYNOTE session was presented by Fraser Thompson, Director, AlphaBeta at BDO Global's Annual Natural Resources Conference. Fraser is Co-Founder & Director of AlphaBeta and Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Sun Cable. He is passionate about using economics to help address major societal challenges, with a particular focus on sustainability, the future of work, and accelerating economic development. 

In this session Fraser discusses the biodiversity challenges and opportunities facing business, with particular emphasis around the natural resources industries. 

Major risks faced by the energy and materials system are - 

Value Chain Area


(US$ B)





Regulatory risk from CO2 pricing

Over $300 billion of “stranded assets”



Regulatory focus on recovery

Resource recovery rates are less than half of economic feasible rates



Environmental pressure on inputs

32% of copper mines and 39% of iron ore mines are in areas of moderate to high water scarcity



Shift to production in higher risk locations

Almost half of new copper projects are in countries with high levels of political risk



Rising consumer awareness of sourcing issues

Investor pressure on sustainable sourcing of mobile phones



 Public burden of subsidies   prompting reform

 Fossil fuel subsidies exceed ~$500b annually



 Government focus on enabling energy access

 1.2 billion people lack access to electricity

Disposal & Recovery


Rising concern on waste

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is increasingly being regulated – over 30 US states now have at least one EPR law in place‚Äč


1/3 of produced plastic lost to ocean


But equally these challenges equate to opportunities, with 59 nature-positive business opportunities in three systems


Watch Fraser Thompson's full presentation here -  

New Normal Energy Systems - Fraser Thompson.mp4 from BDO Global on Vimeo.

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