Hydrogen: the future of power

Energy firms and governments around the world are investing in hydrogen as the future of energy, and while large-scale hydrogen power still poses significant challenges, the low- and zero-emissions energy is driving research and development. Learn more about hydrogen power – download our overview of the industry and the opportunities and challenges it poses.

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Expert support for Hydrogen Companies

We work with organisations that are driving progress in the hydrogen industry, using our extensive experience gained from working with businesses across the energy and resources industries. Our specialist team can support your business, however you engage with the hydrogen industry.

We can provide expert financial modelling and scenario planning for your company, helping you to navigate economic challenges and the huge opportunities available in the hydrogen sector with knowledge and foresight.

As your business grows, we can support your corporate finance needs with specialist valuations, due diligence and M&A services. If you need to finance your growing operation, we can also help you to find the right private equity investment, or help your business prepare for an IPO. If your business has cross-border capabilities or ambitions, we can help to match you with a private equity firm that specialises in the energy and resource industry. Partnering our clients for mutual success is what we do.

Research and development opportunities in the industry are integral to successful growth and innovation strategies – our tax team can analyse your R&D claims and provide valuable insights on how to maximise the opportunities available. We also provide a full range of tax advice, and can help you build a strong tax strategy.

Our specialist audit team can also provide robust and high-quality independent audit for hydrogen businesses.

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