• ESG Due Diligence - Integrating the Sustainability Factor Into the Investment Process

ESG Due Diligence - Integrating the Sustainability Factor Into the Investment Process

11 November 2020

EXPERT ROUND TABLE - WEBINAR  [ Thursday, 19 November, 2020 ]

While leading financial services providers and pension funds have been allocating capital toward tackling environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, many private equity (PE) firms have lagged behind. However, ESG aspects have recently gained more traction within the PE industry as they have become a demand from limited partners (LPs).

As a consequence, ESG aspects are an increasingly important part of due diligence processes. In addition to the financial, operational, tax, legal and commercial analysis of targets, the focus is on their sustainability performance.

Integrating ESG issues into the due diligence process is important for a number of reasons, including identifying threats to business transactions, making comparisons with peer groups and industry standards, highlighting deficient practices and identifying key ESG opportunities for improvement after acquisition.

This virtual round table focuses on the different practical approaches to ESG due diligence and provides insights on how PE firms, strategic investors and rating agencies can integrate the sustainability factor into the investment process.

See below to watch back the webinar. 


Stephanie Chretien, Partner of Demeter Partners, France

Mervyn Tang, Global Head of ESG Research, Fitch Ratings, Hong Kong

Carlo Luison, Partner of Sustainable Innovation, BDO, Italy

Karsten Paetzmann, Head of Global FS, Corporate Finance, BDO Germany


Presentation Slides - Fitch Ratings | Demeter Partners | BDO 



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