• Rethink Fintech - US

Rethink Fintech - US

02 October 2020

While the current uncertainty in the US has halted much business growth, the transformative change that the adoption of Fintech can bring to meet consumer needs has been clearly demonstrated. While challenging times are ahead, the COVID-19 crisis has opened up opportunities for Fintechs - not only through traditional financial services products, but in their ability to embed within the e-commerce sector and help SMEs become more digital.

Since March in the US, there’s been a surge in Fintech use. Access has cut across the usual Millennial demographics - with Generation X and Baby Boomers utilising its potential - and also geographic regions. Its ability to service those most vulnerable, during the here and now, whilst also crystalising the market opportunities that lay ahead during recovery provide Fintechs the ability to harness economic opportunity and conquer uncertainty.

This US Country Snapshot takes a look at the current state of Fintech, outlining the challenges, support measures and power of innovation.

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