BDO Horizons 2021 - Issue 1

In issue 1 of 2021 we take a close look to an M&A world heavily impacted by COVID-19.

In many ways it feels like not much has changed with new lock-downs, travel restrictions and remote working to help combat high levels of infections. It is also remarkable how despite all the turmoil and uncertainty businesses have been able to Rethink their way of working, be it manufacturing  products in a safe environment or delivering services in a safe and more technology enabled way. 

M&A activity has followed a similar pattern, with a big fall in Q2 last year as many deals went on hold and the start of a recovery in Q3.  By Q4 the speed and momentum of the recovery exceeded our expectations and we start 2021 with the prospects for a strong year of M&A ctivity.

As a global organisation with operations in most countries, we have been able to see how COVID-19 has affected sectors and regions differently by keeping in regular touch with our colleagues. This issue brings you up to date commentary on deal activity levels, active sectors and regions and provides in-depth analysis on potential activity in the next few months. We have seen further recovery in activity, particularly in North America and China, and our Heat Map is looking warmer than in the 2020 editions.

  • Global view – M&A Market recovery, resilience and adapting to new ways of doing deals
  • Special feature – Turning the page on a tumultuous year
  • North America – M&A continues rebound
  • Greater China – Deal activity surges as economy bounces back
  • UK & Ireland – Hope as deal volume and value bounce back
  • Logistics and Supply Chain management – Industry reset is accelerating M&A
  • Technology Mid-Market – Continued rise or reset?

In a global market of bewildering activity and endless choices, we provide some of the context necessary to navigate it.