• BDO Horizons 2015 - Issue 4

BDO Horizons 2015 - Issue 4

16 December 2015

Welcome to the latest issue of BDO HORIZONS, in which our M&A professionals offer their latest views on current and future developments in the global M&A market.

As we move into the final quarter of 2015, it's the perfect time to look ahead by first looking back. Will 2015 M&A activities surpass the heights of 2014, which was the busiest year for M&A since the financial crisis?

Major events in 2015 included the European Union’s struggle to find a solution to the Greek crisis, a tumultuous time on China’s stock markets and ongoing conflict in the Middle East. What impact have these events had on the M&A market?

BDO Horizons provides you with the views of our M&A experts region-by-region and across selected sectors. What makes BDO HORIZONS stand out is that all our articles are written, not by journalists, but by our own M&A professionals from around the world. That means you receive unfiltered and authentic comment from those at the sharp end.

Many factors influence M&A activity, but confidence is key. Indeed, the current buoyancy in M&A activity is often seen as an alternative indicator for the strength of global economic recovery. But once you are in the middle of a possible transaction it's not just confidence about the wider economy that matters, you also have to
have confidence in your team: that they know your strategy and your objectives, they are committed to you and not just to the project.

You must be sure that they have a professional approach and know the local success factors. With the increasing amount of cross-border transactions taking place, understanding the so-called ‘cultural aspects’ of the deal becomes more and more important. So it's worth working closely with M&A professionals on the ground, whether that’s in South Korea, Chile, Mauritius, Finland or Kazakhstan.