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19 October 2021

On Friday 8 October 2021, after years of negotiations, the OECD announced that 136 countries had reached agreement on a sweeping overhaul of the international tax system that will impose a 15% minimum tax rate on some multinational enterprises (MNEs) and reallocate more than USD 125 billion of...

15 October 2021

Country-by-Country (CbC) reporting has become a fact of life for multinational enterprises (MNEs) with worldwide revenue above EUR 750 million. How have MNEs integrated the reporting process and how are they managing the associated risk?

26 August 2021

Transfer pricing ranked as most complex tax issue – Insights based on the 2020 Global MNC Tax Complexity Survey, and BDO’s Global Tax Outlook 2020  

18 August 2021

This 36th issue of BDO’s Transfer Pricing Newsletter focuses on significant international developments and recent developments from Argentina, Australia, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

16 July 2021

As business seeks to respond to the supply chain shocks related to COVID-19 and other disruptions, they may miss some of the additional tax, real estate and business process issues that may arise as they adapt their supply chains to the changing times.

23 June 2021

The pandemic has impacted the supply chains of many multinational enterprises (MNEs), the profitability of many industries and businesses, and the budgets of most governments. What can MNEs do to deal with the impact of the pandemic on the transfer pricing model and policies? 

23 April 2021

Supply chains in a post-COVID world will look markedly different, and transfer pricing models will need to adapt to fit the new footprint and transactions between entities of multinational groups.  

19 April 2021

This 35th issue of BDO’s Transfer Pricing News focuses on recent developments in Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand, and Tunisia. 

29 January 2021

The developed world are analysing how the OECD proposals will affect their tax bills or collections, but are the OECD blueprints fit-for-purpose in the African context? 

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