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29 January 2021

The developed world are analysing how the OECD proposals will affect their tax bills or collections, but are the OECD blueprints fit-for-purpose in the African context? 

11 December 2020

Alignment will occur - there is no way back. The ninth largest economy of the world cannot remain outside internationally accepted practices. 

07 December 2020

In this article of our Rethink - Transfer Pricing series, we discuss how transfer pricing and customs alignment will help companies with cash recovery.


Articles: React | Expect 2021 to bring post-COVID corporate tax reform

02 October 2020

While most international businesses remain focused on the commercial impact of COVID-19, tax leaders must acknowledge the appetite for countries to introduce GloBE-inspired tax legislation as early as 2021.

24 September 2020

Risk is a key determinant of transfer pricing outcomes, and therefore a change in risk needs to be understood and the consequences of that change for transfer pricing needs to be determined. 

21 August 2020

In this latest article from our RETHINK: Transfer Pricing series, we explore some particular considerations in respect of managing intellectual property (IP).

06 August 2020

More than any other previous tax year, there is a real need to develop a file of internal documentation supporting all of the decisions made in 2020, from planning for survival during this economic downturn, to supporting those decisions made to strive forward, and then to thriving as various...

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